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Pune is fastest growing Metro in India and everyone wants to set up their shop in Pune. In the mad rush for locating the properties people often get confused and may land up in choosing the wrong properties.


Getting the residential flats may be relatively easy task but finding the business properties is really the tough task.

Companies sign up these properties considering their long term vision of setting the business,relocating the business or expanding the business. 

Smallest even mistake in taking the decsion may land up in huge loss of bsiness.
We play important role in the same for understanding the requirement of business properties one must have already worked in the actual industry for few years.



The proprietor being qualified engineer B.E ( Mech) & have work experience in Engineering companies & IT industry for more than 7 years prior to real estate.


Till now we have around 15 years experience of commericial dealings and closed more than 100 deals. 

These services given to Top notch IT companies,engineering companies,retailers. We served till now to both MNC and Indian corporates. 

We are focussed in our work and cater only specific properties where real expertise of professional is required.




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